It’s been a year since I decided to post on Facebook that I was a cancer survivor. Sharing that news has really allowed me to come very far with everything I went through and everything my family went through almost two years ago. In January, it will be two years since my diagnosis. I am not constantly reminded that I am cancer survivor and it doesn’t come into my head as much anymore. Mostly because I am distracted with a toddler running around and that fact that I am living a pretty amazing life right now.

This past year I managed to accomplish a lot. Putting yourself out there, being raw with your feelings is a major obstacle to accomplish. I’ve always been more of a private person so sharing with everyone what I had gone through on Facebook was a huge step. Then I continued to share by writing this blog. Opening up about the challenges I was constantly facing. In addition to sharing my feelings I started running, competing in my first race and doing another 5k a couple months later. I organized a Dragon Boat Team for the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, with my team fundraising $7200 for local cancer survivors. I also spoke a couple times to other cancer survivors sharing my story with all of them.

I feel like I am finally free of my cancer diagnosis. I know it won’t be gone forever but I also know I’ve made huge strides with it.  I can now openly talk to anyone whether your a stranger or a family member or friend about my diagnosis and my treatment. A cancer diagnosis will never leave you but I can say for myself it does get better.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Merry Christmas!


Just have to get through the work day and I officially start my vacation. An entire week and half off of working spending time with my daughter and husband. It’s the perfect Christmas gift! I couldn’t be more excited to just spend time with my family. The next four days are just packed full with family events. Nothing is better than having the opportunity to see all of my family. It’s so great to have all of our family around and be able to see them. This vacation is much needed and I would even be fine spending it in my pajamas around the house.

So my message to everyone is to not to rush the holidays. They can be stressful and exhausting. Focus on one day at time and enjoy being in the moment. It will be over before you know it. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and I am looking forward to my daughter waking up Christmas morning and seeing that Santa came and visited our home.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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